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Havabbor på flue (2007) Sea Bass on a Fly

The world's first seabass film of Norway !!!

The world's first sea bass film in Norwegian with Norwegian fishermen in Norwegian waters!


Finally it's here! The first all-Norwegian film about fly fishing in saltwater.


It's all about fishing for sea bass. This new exotic species now to the fullest  establishing themselves along the Norwegian coast.


Our guide, Runar Kabbe, the man with 13 seasons and more than 400 sea bass caught, brings us to the Oslo Fjord. We follow him through the season, hunting by shore, by motor boat and by pontoon boat.


He diligently shares his experience and tips that beginners and more experienced around the country will find useful.


When and where and what lures the sea bass? And not least - how it takes, is conveyed in this film, a film crammed with information, facts and pure fish porn.


The bites and brutal fight is the sea bass one and only in Norwegian waters.

havabbor på flue shows why the sea bass is Runar's favorite!

60 minutes bonus material with fly tying, Runar fly box, Runar pontoon, loop knot, trailers and the sea bass project and more.

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